Sunday, July 26, 2015

[Outfit Post #s 6, 7, 8, 9] Eep, Catch Up Post!

Well blast, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts! This past week and a half or so got a bit insane (visitors, ER visits, rescuing kittens, and other such things!) so I'm a bit behind with everything. I do, however, have lots of outfit pictures to show!

#6: Gothic Plaid

I was quite pleased with this one! Dress is Free People, necklace is from Parrish Relics, and the wolf/moon faux gauge earrings are from Tree of Life Artworks.

#7: Green Fox Fairy

This look was partially to honor the birth of my new nephew (who my sister and her husband are calling Fox!) and partially for the "Green Man" challenge on Daily Fae-shion :). Dress is from Forever 21 (I think the vine ring may have been from there too), fox cuff is by Elaine Coyne, fox necklace is from Wild Wood Gatherer, and rose ring is from Wexford Jewelers.

#8: Jeans and Lace

Just two little collages for the next two - this one was inspired by the "unusual combinations" challenge on Daily Fae-shion. Dress was thrifted, tree vest is from Free Flight Clothing, simple silver cat necklace from Kohl's, long earrings were a gift, and the moonstone earrings were from World Market.

#9: Cathedral Casual

Awesome cathedral windows print shirt from Hot Topic a long time ago, om ring and unicorn ring were gifts from my Mom and my boyfriend respectively, purse was a gift from my sister, and the amazingly enormous (and awesome) earrings were found in an antique store in Columbus!

Next post will be something more than outfits, I promise ;). I've been working on a big one! 


  1. I love that leaf ring in your ootd#7 and 8! :)

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