Friday, September 4, 2015

Outfit Catchup Post (#s 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16!) and A Few Fashion Reading Recommendations!

I've got quite a bit of catching up to do!

#10: Summer Raven Queen

Black lace dress with slip from Free People, labradorite and copper raven necklace from Gael Song, feathered belt I think from Forever 21, lace shoes from Walmart (score!), copper crystal necklace from the VA Renn Faire, and wooden wing faux gauge earrings were, I think, from a shop on etsy but I sadly can't remember now!

#11: Irish Festival

Outfit I wore to the local Irish festival - so much fun! White embroidered skirt was thrifted, green tank top from Banana Republic, amazing ivy earrings, rune belt (from a Celtic festival), and green leather purse (from FaerieCon many years ago!) were all gifts from my wonderful Mom, wooden crescent moon necklace from a shop in Berkley Springs, VA, and the unicorn bag was my souvenir from the festival :).

#12: Blue Moon

"Whirling Wind Moon" shirt from BPAL, blue skirt from Forever 21, moon earrings and ring from an online shop I can't remember now sadly, blue moonstone necklace from the amazing Elysian Fields in Sarasota, FL, eyeshadow is one of my favorites, "Underworld" by NARS, and the big blue crystal earrings from a shop in my VA local mall.

#13: Purple Magpie

Purple top from Free People, leaf climber earrings from QVC, amazing beaded bird necklace and fern leaves ring were gifts from my Mom :).

#14: New Semester Dark Mori

Outfit for the first day of the new semester :). Asymmetrical black chiffon dress from Forever 21 (totally a favorite piece), silver cardigan from Kohl's, tree and moon necklaces from the VA Renn Faire a few years ago, black buckle shoes from Zulily, silver dangle earrings from TJ Maxx, leaf climber earrings from QVC, and Narcissus Hair Comb by Oberon Design

#15: Scholar Fae

A rare glimpse of me in my glasses (I sadly had an eye infection this week, it was awful!) Top from Peebles, necklaces from the VA Renn Faire, earrings from a shop in Santa Fe. You can't really see it but the Kohl's black blazer, one of my all time favorite pieces of clothing ever, actually has SPARKLY WINGS on the back! I think I may have actually swooned when I saw it in the store :).

#16: Baba Yaga

Outfit for the Baba Yaga challenge on Daily Fae-shion! A woodland look with lots of layers and crystals and antlers (which I thought were a good substitute for more typical bones, as they're not really my thing.) Dress I've had forever so I sadly can't remember where it's from, black lace vest and boots from Zulily, copper wrapped crystal necklace from the VA Renn Faire, fox cuff from The Victorian Trading Company.

So yay, caught up! I wasn't feeling well when I got home from my first day of teaching for the new semester sadly, so I missed a picture for that, but more soon. My class is going so well so far though, huzzah! I also have a new post in the works on the "folklore" trends in fall fashion. In the meantime...

A Few Excellent, Fashion-Related Things To Read:

More soon!


  1. Please, write again un this blog! I love It! 💜

    1. Oh thank you!! I've been posting outfit pictures on my instagram (briarspell), but hope to post here again in the future! :).

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