Monday, February 21, 2011

Outfit #4: Arabian Nights

I recently went and saw the amazing production of Mary Zimmerman's "Arabian Nights" at the Arena Stage in D.C. and wore this outfit... I tried to make it fit the theme a little bit?

Outfit #4: Arabian Nights

I really like the background images in this one! I'm also amazed that I found a skirt that looks even a little like the one I actually wore... the real life one was my Mom's from the 70s :).

Not too different, eh? I seriously adore this skirt and have been wearing it ever since I first found it back in middle school. It's a wrap skirt so that's possible :P. The gold thread literally glimmers, the pictures do it no justice!

The necklace is a watch, also formally my Mom's. The engravings on it are beautiful leaves and such! It sadly doesn't run very well anymore though.

The shoes are Fluevog "Dohje"s and you'll notice I wear them a lot! They are SO comfortable for heeled shoes that look so nice and witchy and fabulous :P. Well worth the splurge!

A rare face shot! :P. You can see the earrings I'm wearing a little bit, these were hard to find approximations of... I got them at a craft show a long time ago. They're made out of painted tin and are a really cool sort of jagged shape.

Again, I highly recommend the show if it ever plays in your area :). My folklore-y friends and I had a wonderful time!


  1. You look so pretty! :')

  2. I'm also a Fluevog fan. Love the patterned skirt you are wearing in the photo too.