Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Post and Welcome!

Hello all! My name is Brittany and I have decided, after much debate, to take a shot at fashion blogging. I'm 26 and currently in graduate school for folklore and literature where I obsess daily about fairy tales and other such things :).


I enjoy putting outfits together, especially outfits and items based around fairy tales, faerie tales, folklore, mythology, etc. My style is a bit eclectic, folksy and gothic and victorian and bohemian and all sorts of other things all mixed up together. I plan on posting pictures of my interesting outfits and putting together Polyvore sets that get as close as possible to the actual things I wore. However, I'm notoriously not photogenic (it takes a lot of luck and/or a lonnngggg time to get even a descent picture of me, I always make the most bizarre faces and hardly ever even look like myself!) so I'll probably be cutting my head off on a lot of these pictures :P.

I also spend a ridiculous amount of time online, shopping around for new and interesting items related to folklore and I figure that people may want to see posts about that as well :). If you know of an interesting shop that may have items like this, please do let me know! I love discovering new places and hope to feature some of my favorite shops and specific items soon. I have a shop myself too, Ashes of Roses Designs on Etsy, and will likely post a bit about that as well... I make folklore and fairy tale inspired jewelry and accessories.

I've named this blog "Dress of Stars" after the third dress often requested by the princess in the ATU 510B "Donkeyskin" stories. It has always been one of my favorite pieces of fairy tale clothing and one of my favorite stories.

A bit more about me:

As I stated above, I'm in graduate school for folklore and literature where I concentrate primarily on retellings. My very favorite tale of all time is "Sleeping Beauty." I am also a creative writer and draw constantly on my academic studies for my poetry and fiction. I sing, act, and make jewelry and do not believe in setting limitations.

I have a livejournal: briarspell (yes the name comes from "Sleeping Beauty"!), where I post most often and am on tumblr, twitter, flickr, and I also have a personal website called that's amazingly been online for over ten years. I am currently working on my professional writing and academic website as well.

I hope you enjoy this blog, I know that I've been enjoying working on it! :).

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