Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outfit #3: The Modern Queen of Elfland

Once again inspired by my ballads class, this time especially by "Tam Lin" :).

Outfit #3: The Modern Queen of Elfland

I love how this one came out, all forest magic and dried herbs and crystals. And now for the real life versions!

Pretty close, no? I warned you about the head chopping :P.

The labradorite and copper choker I'm wearing is by the absolutely AMAZING Sihaya Designs and is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry of all time. I also adore the simple quartz crystal by The Social Cellar and wear it all the time :).

Labradorite ring, a birthday present a few years ago... you can also see a small bit of the writing on my hand, a very common feature :P.

Whew, so there is the first outfit photos post! More on the way :).

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