Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Two Polyvore Sets That Sparked This Idea

I discovered the wonderful website Polyvore a long time ago but never really had the time or inclination to make sets of my own there. However, a few weeks ago I had the idea to sort of memorialize and, frankly, show off some of the outfits that I make up in real life using the Polyvore system :P. It was fun to create the "feel" of the outfits using other pictures and things and if I couldn't find the exact thing I had worn I figured I could at least get pretty close (or even upload pictures myself) and that is exactly how it turned out to be.

Outfit #1: The Fairy Tale Scholar

This is the one that started it all! I spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes from after Christmas and wanted to show off a couple of new pieces - the dress and the blazer are from that particular spree. I wore this to a meeting within my department at school - a meeting, obviously, concerning fairy tales :).

Outfit #2: Ballads Class

I am currently taking a folklore class on The Traditional Ballad and I wore this outfit to our first class meeting. That lace skirt is one of my very favorite pieces of clothing of all time!

Clearly this process was ridiculously fun and after making these two sets I thought maybe it would be good to take a few actual photos of the outfits as well! Thus the idea for this blog was formed :). I hope to someday re-create these two outfits and take a few photographs of them both but for now the sets will have to do on their own :).

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