Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm Back!

Hi! I hope there are some people still out there reading - and I hope some of you are new! One of my goals this summer has been to (slowly) restart this blog. I had been inspired to start thinking seriously about fairy-tale fashion again, I was getting healthier and feeling better about myself (and thus wanted to dress up more!), I had found SO many amazingly inspiring new shops and blogs, I was thinking about renaming and (slightly) rebranding my etsy store, and overall it just seemed like the perfect time to jump back in. So I began with a bang, totally redoing the graphics, the links along the side, etc. etc. and was so excited to get back to posting about fairy-tale fashion, a sincere passion of mine. And then... well, sadly, other things got in the way and I had to put it on the backburner yet again.

But then, recently, a few things happened to convince me that now really was the time to restart this with gusto :). First, my boyfriend and I spontaneously went to an outdoor festival at which so many people were wearing the most inspiring, crazy outfits - when I lamented that I wasn't as dressed up as I would have been if I'd known we were going to attend it, we talked about how good it would be to just dress with fae intention EVERY day (and why not? No one is stopping us!) ... THEN, when I was brainstorming an article submission for a CFP that wanted new ways of thinking about fairy-tale scholarship, I starting thinking about how I could examine fairy-tale fashion through an academic lens... THEN, my friend Erin started doing inspiring daily outfit posts centered on scarves for each day of June... and THEN, my dear friend Grace made a post on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in starting a group dedicated to daily outfit posts/inspiration for mythic/fae/etc fashion, a group similar to her wildly popular Domythic Bliss FB group and blog, but dedicated to fashion instead of decor. As you can imagine, a huge group of people expressed interest and I, incredibly excitedly, wrote her a note asking if I could help get it off the ground and she said yes!

Thus, after much discussion, image tinkering, and idea collecting, the new group Daily Fae-shion was born on Facebook today!

Here is the group description: "This group is devoted to inspiring and encouraging magic in daily attire. If your dream wardrobe would be at home among the ephemera of a Brian Froud painting…if flowers in your hair aren’t just for Renaissance Festivals…and even if your taste runs more to bat pendants and crow feathers among the spikes on your shoulder pads…this is the group for you. Pinterest is wonderful, and can inspire, but we are hoping to share with each other *real* examples of *real* people wearing their daily clothes and trying to infuse them with a touch of fairy tale. Maybe you work in an office where you have to mostly “hide your wings,” but you still find little ways (through jewelry, footwear, etc) to feel magical. We’d love to see that too! If you have a knack for altering or accessorizing Goodwill and thrift store finds to create a whimsical ensemble, we would love to know your tricks! If the words Bohemian/Boho/Mori Girl/Black Forest Mori Girl/Goth/Medieval/Faerie/Flower Child/Princess/Witch describe the clothes you wear and/or love, then please join!"

And please do :). So here's to many more posts here as we move forward (including another one right after this one, an outfit post!) and a fantastic (restarted) journey!

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